The G-Force International Entertainment Corporation history with Luxor Hotel and Casino began in 1991 when Zachary Taylor attended the first design conference for the Luxor project. This conference was by invitation only and was held by Veldon Simpson, the architect. It took place in a conference room at the Circus, Circus RV Center building. G-Force was contracted to design, build, install and focus the lighting system of the “Luxor Sky Beam,” and remained inside the project from that time through to the Grand Opening on October 15, 1993. G-Force worked closely with the architect, Perini Construction, and Circus, Circus senior management and executives in not only designing the lighting with 45 Xenon 7000 watt lighting fixtures and 12 airport strobe lights along with high voltage and low voltage electrical systems and controls, but also consulting with mechanical engineers for cooling and ventilation, electrical engineers for power grid requirements and routing, the architect team and the construction company to support the installation of “The Beam of Luxor”.

When the “Luxor Sky Beam” first lit up the night sky, it was then and remains to this day, an instantly identifiable world-class landmark for the Luxor Hotel and Casino. As seen from the International Space Station (NASA/NOAA night-time Earth studies) the brightest place on the planet is considered to be the Las Vegas Strip. The brightest light on the Strip is the “Luxor Sky Beam!” Simply put, the “Luxor Sky Beam” is the brightest single visible light on Earth, sixteen years after its creation.

The “Luxor Sky Beam” is also a Navigational Aviation Landmark as designated by the United States Department of Aviation. * As the brightest beam in the world, it can be seen from anywhere in the Las Vegas valley, and can be seen at flight level from above Los Angeles (over 275 miles). At ground level, on clear nights, it can be seen as far south as Laughlin and even as far north as Mesquite or Beatty, Nevada, at the time of its installation.

Of all the technical systems housed at Luxor in 1993, the “Luxor Sky Beam” was the only one that operated without error the first time it was powered on, and has remained in operation to this day! To the best of our knowledge the “Luxor Sky Beam” is the only original technical “attraction” System that remains in operation at Luxor since its Grand Opening. We feel that this a testimonial to the original design, engineering and installation of the “Luxor Sky Beam” operating systems by G-Force I.E.C.

* G-Force I.E.C. managed the permit process with the Federal Aviation Agency (FAA) and the U.S. Department of Aviation to permit the “Luxor Sky Beam” for use as a navigational landmark.